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We find any talent on the market including space tech.

Providing dedicated teams

Search for Senior+ specialists

Search for technology specialists

Consultancy in recruiting processes


Assistance with specialists relocation

How we work

Determine the requirements for the candidates and develop search strategy

We collect all the useful information, that we will need in the process of searching.

Form a list of suitable candidates

We won’t contact candidates, that don’t suit for your vacancy, so it won’t affect your brand.

Establish a dialogue with candidates

Only good manners, only quality information.

Conduct interviews (values, motivation, experience)

Everywhere anytime we are ready to interview the candidate.

Provide CVs of the best candidates and organize interviews

We will provide you CVs with all the information, that you need.

Make an offer to the best of the final candidates

Candidate will receive an offer with conditions that you give.


You found the perfect candidate!

Why Tech Space

We appreciate your time

At the very start, we identify requirements and collect all of the information about your company, vacancy and your perfect candidate, so later we won’t bother you.

We promote your brand

While negotiating with candidates, we can be silent about your brand and discuss only requirements and conditions with them. Or we can tell everyone how brilliant you are. You decide ;)

We support deversity

Want a versatile team? We understand the importance of diversity in the company, so we ready to help you with it.

We give you all the information

It’s no surprise, we put our back into recruiting. If you want to see the process, how many candidates we’ve contacted – we will send you a report with all information, that you desire.

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